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Our Services

  • Predestine Farm’s goal is to support farmers by offering extension and technical services on fruits and vegetable production  by giving knowledge and skills to farmers which we believe will increase the production and quality of fruits and vegetables produced to be able to meet the required standard on international market.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction and repeat purchases, Predestine Farm Limited helps farmers to add value to farm products.
  • We support Farmers to form “Out grower associations” to produce in large volumes for Predestine Farm to pack, process, seed to the market.
  • We supply seeds, seedlings and other fruit trees to our Outgrowers.
  • We also supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the local market both at wholesale and retail level.

Delivered to Your Doorstep – Organic Fruits & Veggies

We bring fresh, seasonal organic produce from our  farm right to your doorstep.
You choose the Box Type, Size and Frequency of your deliveries.

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Our Contacts:

Address Equatorial Mall,
P.O.Box 12716, Kampala Uganda
Phone number +256 779872687 / 702767902
We are  Open Monday – Saturday