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Did you know that in Uganda, over 137 of every 1,000 children die before their fifth birthday, statistics show. While most of these deaths are attributed to preventable infectious diseases, malnutrition is reportedly the underlying cause of many deaths.

In most districts in the eastern part of the country malnutrition cases are prevalent as a result of food shortage and ignorance. In this region More people have taken to growing sugarcane on a commercial basis, resulting in the conversion of different land-use types to monoculture sugarcane plantations and rice production.

30 percent children in Butalejja district malnourished and Three in ten children under the age of fifteen in the Eastern district of Butalejja are malnourished, Dr Henry Isogoli the assistant district Health officer (DHO) has said.

In the Eastern District of Namutumba Over 100 children have been affected in the district, with at least 18 already reported dead, LCV chairman, Mr Michael Saire he said.


Predestine Farm is coming in to help the communities refocus on alternatives sources of income and allocate more land for growing food crops as opposed to cash crops as a remedy to food insecurity


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